Quirky Couture with Capital Oh!

Just a little over a year ago Capital Oh burst into the Ottawa blogging scene bringing some life and much needed spice to the quiet city.

The blogging-duo, Sarah Van Den Berg and Julia Brucculieri, came to Ottawa to study communications at Carleton University three years ago. Together they chronicle their adventures exploring the city and its growing fashion scene on their blog Capital Oh.

The girls and their blog are becoming increasingly known in the Ottawa community, regularly attending the city’s biggest fashion event, Ottawa Fashion Week.

Sarah and Julia have an interesting sense of style that I’d like to call “quirky couture.” The girls love to mix old and new, finding many gems to add to their wardrobes from second hand stores.

“We have a mutual appreciation for each other’s style, but we each have our own style identity,” says Sarah. Julia says she likes to stick to more classic pieces and Sarah says she prefers more out-there items.

“I am more nutty, my stuff is pretty crazy sometimes,” Sarah says. “During school I usually resort to a big sweater, jeans and nice boots, but I do like to go a little wild with print mixing.”

Just to get an idea of how “crazy” Sarah likes to get with her style, one of her favourite pieces right now is as a leopard-print dance suit she calls “the cat suit.”

But, the girls don’t just blog about fashion, they write about “anything that tickles their fancy,” says Julia.

Julia says one of her favourite places they went to for Capital Oh, although it had nothing to do with clothes, was a store called the White Monkey. Julia says the store used to be owned by a set designer, describing it as just a place full of stuff.

“You walk in and there is stuff everywhere. You go upstairs and there is this old 50s kitchen with old appliances and random paintings and mirrors on the wall,” she says.

Sarah and Julie say they started Capital Oh as an innocent project to acquaint themselves with the city. When they first came to Ottawa they say they had trouble settling in and both considered leaving.

“I think we both wanted to be in a big city, because we had both done the small town thing,” says Sarah.

“We wanted to be in the city with all of the hustle and bustle and in Ottawa everything closed early and it was really boring,” Julia says.

Little did the girls know that their blog would gain such a following and they would end up staying in Ottawa.  Both girls express how much they love their blog because it has allowed them to meet interesting people and it has provided them with opportunities to network.

Though neither of them are quite sure what they want to do when they graduate, but they both say that fashion will definitely be a part of their lives.

If aren’t already follow these lovely ladies, be sure to check out their blog here: http://capitaloh.blogspot.com/.



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