The Start of Something New

For nearly three years now Lo’s Stylebook has been my baby and creative outlet. Starting the blog has been such an amazing learning experience and I had a lot of fun along the way. From covering fashion shows to styling photo shoots, there are countless memorable moments. But, after much consideration I have decided that this will be the last post that I will write for Lo’s Stylebook. However, this is not the end but the start of something new! I have now moved on to my second child, co-founding a website called The Vibe(rant) Life with my best friend Alex Weber (who also happens to be a very talented journalist). The Vibe(rant) Life is a new age lifestyle hub. A pitstop for women seeking inspiration and a daily dose of positivity. With creative posts on culture, style, wellness and travel, we plan to help readers dig deep, embrace their inner free spirit and never forget to let the good vibes roll. Join the journey and check out The Vibe(rant) Life.

I would just like to thank all my supporters who helped Lo’s Stylebook grow and flourish. I’d like to make a special shout out to Tara-Kay Palermo, the guest beauty blogger for Lo’s Stylebook. This beauty babe will be launching her own blog soon, so stay posted!

Thanks again and stay in touch by following The Vibe(rant) Life.



Beauty tips to last ’till spring

It’s that time of year, post holidays and pre-spring, when dry skin and washed out faces plague us. Thankfully, we have Kristin Lumsden on our side! Kristin is a Toronto-based freelance make-up artist, sales representative for Stila Cosmetics and the host of Behind The Beauty. We were lucky enough to sitdown with the busy-beauty-bee long enough to gather a few tips on how to get your skin through winter.

The most important thing we learned from Kristin is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

“Our PH levels are not bouncing back quick enough, there is no moisture in the air” she says.


Kristin suggests combating the dry air by layering products to keep the moisture locked in, like serums, gels, moisturizers and primers. If Kristin had to chose just one product, she would go for a CC Cream or a tinted moisturizer, like Stila’s CC Cream because it has a colour corrector and an SPF. These items are a Canadian girl’s best friend, she says, as they counteract the glare that snow and ice can reflect up on to your face.

During these bitter months, Kristin reminds us to exfoliate less and hydrate more. To keep your skin optimal this season, Kristin recommends Fresh’s rose mask once a week.

“Rose is a natural moisturizer…perfect for helping calm redness and great for people with sensitive skin” she explains.


Our Behind The Beauty host warns us to stay away from lip balms this season. Balms have the power to convince your lips that they need more moisture, forcing you to feel like you need to constantly reapply the product.

“Your body can’t replace it’s own PH levels because the lip balm is doing all the work” she says. For lips, Kristin suggests the old faithful: Vaseline.

When asking our guest expert what the biggest winter makeup challenge is, she warns us that we need to be careful of our colour choices. Kristin suggests that regardless of what’s on trend or not, we need to stick to colours that compliment our skin.

Keep these tricks in mind and you’ll be facing the rest of winter with clear, hydrated, healthy-looking skin. You’ll look fabulous well into spring!





Turtleneck haters, it’s time to get over your dislike for this cuddly, classic sweater. These cozy, high-necked knits aren’t only comfortable and completely ideal for crisp February weather, they’re totally trending this season.

Chunky or thin, it doesn’t matter, on a cold winter day there’s nothing I want to wear more than a one of these snuggly creatures. Opt for a burly, thick knit and you’ll feel like you’re up to your eyeballs in a soft, warm sweater hug. For layering lovers, choose a turtleneck in lighter cloth and pair it with a blazer for a preppy, effortlessly chic look.

Waiting for spring isn’t so bad when you’re sporting such a comfy, cool knit. Enjoy sweater weather while it lasts!


Coachella Chick

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.44.27 PM

I can already imagine it. Frolicking in the warm sunshine, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing my heart out with some of my best friends at Coachella. Yes, it’s true! By some miracle we were able to snag tickets and ever since then I’ve been constantly daydreaming about our West Coast adventure. I can picture myself sitting front seat in a colourful old van, sporting round sunglasses and grooving to upbeat tunes on our road trip down to sunny California.

Even though we just got our tickets and are still in the process of mapping out our route, I’m already planning what I will be wearing. Over the next few months, I’m will be stocking my wardrobe with boho-chic essentials, like ripped jean shorts, cute crop tops and of course a festive flower crown.

Until April finally rolls around, you can bet that I will be counting down the days (and constantly shopping for festival necessities) until we rev up the engine and take off down South. Peace and love!


Silver & Gold

silver and gold first

silver and gold 2

silver and gold 1

The holidays are upon on us and by now your calendar is probably full of festive fêtes to attend. Once you have decided what to wear, don’t forget to complete your holiday ensemble with merry makeup.

Glam up your look without going overboard by playing with metallics. Here, I’ve used a combination of Sephora’s liquid and pencil liners. Sephora’s liquid eyeliner in Metallic Gold is the perfect to way pep up regular winged eyeliner. Switch up your routine for the holidays by placing gold on the inner half of your eyelid instead of black. Add sparkle to your seasonal look with a silver pencil in the corner beneath your eye. Finish off your eyes with mascara and you’re ready to party like it’s 2014!


East Van Girl



I’m officially an East Van girl now, so I guess I better dress like one! Hello acid wash jeans, crop tops, comfy flannels and cozy toques.

Vancouver is all about relaxed, somewhat dishevelled, but totally trendy ensembles. Effortlessly chic style is something West Coasters have down pat. Think ’90s grunge meets woodland hippie and you’re on the right track. Add something thrifted to your outfit and you’ll blend right in with the hipsters.

All that you have left to do is tousle your hair, throw on a dark lipstick and you’re ready to hit the coolest hangouts in the city. Peace and love!


Shine On



‘Tis the season of metallics and sparkle! Time to infuse your wardrobe with seasonal staples, like sequinned sheaths and outrageous Christmas sweaters. These usually gaudy pieces are totally appropriate during the most wonderful time of the year, but these over-the-top items won’t fly at all merry gatherings, like the workplace.

Pull off a spirited look at the office by incorporating just decorative details. A beaded collar and silver shoes add a festive feel to any ensemble. Pair a fuzzy sweater with tuxedo dress pants for an of-the-moment outfit that won’t look out of place in a professional setting.

Go wild with pieces that twinkle over the holidays, just don’t outdo the Christmas tree.


Stylish Spaces

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 9.12.31 PM

Chair via Lakeland Furniture, Desk via Moe’s Home Collection, Camera via Charlie Ford Vintage, Stag head via Urban Barn, Desk lamp via Urban Barn, Rug via Urban Barn.

Every writer needs a soothing, stylish space to get the creative juices flowing. Choose the right decor items for your work place and the chic ambience is sure to inspire.

Avoid writer’s block in a hip home office equipped with a swanky chair and a sleek, sturdy desk. Add accessories with personality, like funky wall decor or vintage items. Take inspiration from the runway with black and white pieces or a chevron patterned rug. Stuff your space with snazzy interiors and your writing is bound to become as stylish as your surroundings. Happy writing!


School Spirit

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 7.00.53 PM

Margiela T-shirt via Net-A-Porter, Stella McCartney baseball cap via Net-A-Porter, Elizabeth and James jacket via Otte, Shourouk necklace via Net-A-Porterleather skirt via Cruise Fashion, Alexander Wang pumps via Net-A-Porter, Chloe handbag via Cruise Fashion.


You don’t have to be a peppy cheerleader or date a beefy football player to pull off a varsity inspired ensemble. For a trendy play on collegiate attire, swap that letterman jacket for a quilted bomber and ditch that plaid cotton skirt for pleated leather.

Complete your sexy, studious look with the right accessories. Break up with your loafers for stylish stilettos, add glamour with a sparkly necklace and cap it all off with a sporty baseball cap.

Take note and you’ll get straight A’s in fashion class in no time!


Faux Flannel




You can’t call yourself Canadian if you don’t eat poutine, love maple syrup and own at least one burly, cotton flannel. Lucky for us crazy Canucks, lumberjack wear was upgraded to high-fashion status this fall. The runway was a panoply of silky, feminine twists on traditional, cozy flannels.

The couture reincarnation of the classic Canadian piece might be more of a reference to grunge or punk rock than a nod to the Great White North, but you never know, eh? Whether or not designers were singing Oh Canada, I’m just happy it’s now appropriate for me to live in some version of a flannel every day of the week!